watermint.org - Takayuki Okazaki's note

No more user tracking on this site: Removed Google Analytics and Amazon Affiliate

I used to use Google Analytics and Amazon Affiliate links on this blog, but I have removed them. I will no longer track visitors to my site. I have also removed the past Google Analytics logs.

This site currently use cookies only for delivery control, of delivery server Cloudflare’s cookie.

This time it’s not because there was any particular problem to deal with Google Analytics or Amazon Affiliate. But because I didn’t usually use of analytics or affiliates. Additionally, privacy protection would be essential in the near future.

More positively, the site’s display speed improved from a few seconds to about a second when I moved from WordPress to Tumblr and then from Tumblr to Github Pages. This time, I changed the delivery infrastructure from Github Pages to Cloudflare Workers. As a result, the display time became about 0.3 seconds, with the removal of Google Analytics. Finally, the site received a score of 100 in the evaluation by PageSpeed.