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Disk image file (.dmg) from command line

I prefer .dmg instaed of zip for archiving project data, etc. .dmg is handy for refering files, modify contents without extract files to somewhere.

.dmg can usable as like USB drive. Disk Utility tool can create/update .dmg from folder with various options. Options are like encryption, readonly, compression, etc.

But if you have tens of folders to archive, it’s better to use command line tools.

Create encrypted .dmg file

hdiutil is command line version of Disk Utility app. This command can mount/unmount/create/update disk image files. Please see man hdiutil for more detail.

Below script is part of my workflow of archiving project files. I’m using encrypted .dmg for archive. The script require prepare password file under $HOME/.dmg-password. Please create and store password for .dmg without LF.

And update permission like chmod 600 $HOME/.dmg-password to prevent read from other users. This sequence using password and encryption. But it’s not strong enough, reason described below.


if [ $# -lt 2 ]; then
  echo $0 SRC_DIR DEST_DIR
  exit 1


if [ ! -e $PWD ]; then
  echo Disk Image password not found
  exit 2

for t in "$SRC"/*; do
  if [ -d "$t" ]; then
    echo Creating: $t
    n=$(basename $t)
    cat $PWD |                \
      hdiutil create          \
        -srcfolder "$t"       \
        -fs HFS+              \
        -encryption AES-128   \
        -format UDBZ          \
        -stdinpass            \

Preset password for .dmg in Key Chain

It’s kind of pain in neck entering password for opening .dmg everytime. If you open .dmg from Finder.app, the password dialog refuse copy & paste operation.

Password dialog

There is option “remember password in my keychain”. Concept is similar to this.

The password for disk image is stored in keychain which identified by UUID of .dmg. The UUID is referable by command like below.

$ hdiutil isencrypted YOURDISKIMAGE.dmg

Now you can store password through security command.

$ security add-generic-password -a (UUID above) -D "disk image password" -s (YOUR DISK IMAGE).dmg -w (PASSWORD OF DISK IMAGE)

Unfortunatelly, there are no option like -stdinpass. So the password must be passed through command line argument. This mean optential leak through ps command or shell history.

By the way, I’m using below script for preset password to disk images.


if [ $# -lt 1 ]; then
  echo $0 [dmg file]...
  exit 1


for FILE in "$@"; do
  UUID=$(hdiutil isencrypted "$FILE" 2>&1 | grep uuid | awk '{print $2}')
  BASE=$(basename $FILE)

  echo File: $BASE
  echo UUID: $UUID

  security add-generic-password -a $UUID -D "disk image password" -s $BASE -w $(cat $PWD)

When opening .dmg from Finder, operating system ask authorisation of using password by diskimages-helper.

Confirmation dialog

You can skip this dialog by -A option of security command, but this option authorise for all applications. It’s better not use this -A option for better security.